After many years concentrating on photography, I had the chance again to join two movie productions as 1. Assistant Director. Susan Gordanshekan´s A DYSFUNCTIONAL CAT and Eva Trobisch´s ALL GOOD are both in the cinemas this Autumn. Check your local cinema, and if you have the chance watch them. They are both worth to be seen.
ALL GOOD – Trailer


Nadja Masri invited me to the photoeditors class of OSTKREUZSCHULE für Fotografie in Berlin for a presentation of my work. I spent a wonderful day there. The students also edited my latest project “The Sound of a low Whisper” for an exhibition and a magazine. It was really amazing to see which ideas they came up with. (photo: Anje Kirsch)

Riga Photo Month 2016

I am happy that my latest project “The Sound of a low Whisper” will be part of the show curated by Aaron Schuman for Riga Photomonth 2016!
In a great company with Ieva Raudsepa, Emanuele Camerini, Ulrike Schmitz and Salvatore Vitale!
Opening May 13th 2016 – See you in Latvia!

ISSP International Masterclass Exhibition in Kuldiga

A great year has passed. I finished my long term project “The Sound of a low Whisper” supported by two amazing tutors – Andrei Polikanov and Yuri Kozyrev – I made some new friends from all around the world, and had a wondeful time with all these great people! I am going to miss this year and everybody who was part of it!
Untill April 14th 2016 you can visit our masterclass-exhibition in Kuldiga, Latvia.

PAST IS NOW touring former Yugoslavia

The FOTODOKS festival exhibition PAST IS NOW is touring through all seven countries of the partner region former Yugoslavia. Organized by the Goethe-Institute the individual stations will be accompanied by opening ceremonies, panel discussions and lectures of the exhibiting photographers.
I am very happy that Goethe Institute invited me to the first stop in Sarajevo where I was also joining two panel discussions moderated by Paul Lowe.
As a wonderful end of the great time we had there we did a spontaneous coffee making workshop with the FOTODOKS-team.
The tourplan:
30. January – 26. February: Balkan Photo Festival / Umjetnička galerija Bosne i Hercegovine, Sarajevo (BiH)
3. – 20. March: Museum Zenica, Zenica (BiH)
20. April – 5. May: Gradska Galeria, Akademija Trebinje (BiH)
16. May – 10. June: Crnogorska galerija umetnosti „Miodrag Dado Đurić“, Cetinje (Montenegro)
13. – 24. September: Organ Vida Festival, Zagreb (Croatia)
1. October – 1. November: Ljubljana (Slovenia)
17. November – 15. December: Kulturni Centar Beograda, Belgrade (Serbia)
January: Priština (Kosovo)
February: Skopje (Macedonia)


This summer I photographed JUMAA, a very talented musician from Berlin. He just released his EP “Listen”. So please have a listen:

Fotodoks Festival & ZEITmagazin Fotopreis

This year I was invited to the Fotodoks Festival in Munich. My work “here is everything as 22 stars :-)” was shown together with other great positions from ex Yugoslavia and Germany. I met wonderful people, had lots of helping hands while being a bit stressed hanging my pictures and had great inspiring conversations and lectures. And as a special gift to this anyway great week in Munich my work was awarded the ZEITmagazin Fotopreis!
You can still visit the exhibition “Past is now” untill 10.01.2016 at Münchener Stadtmuseum
the photo was taken by Susan Gordanshekan

Augenblick mal!

As part of the week of Civic Commitment Children e. V. had an exhibition with the photos I did this summer for JUGEND HILFT!  Moritz Gramming did the very special design of the exhibition. It was great to meet the teenagers again, who were also in Berlin for the JUGEND HILFT! Camp.


I late august I spent some time in Serbia. The situation of the migrants is very different to three years ago when I spent time in the Jungle in Subotica. Besides that the number of migrants has increased a lot, now they have a three-day-visa to stay in Serbia, which means they are no longer illegally in the country and it allows them to travel with public transportation, go shopping, and be seen in public generally. Crossing the borders and staying in camps there is still a big difference between Syrian refugees and those from other countries. The Syrians move quiet fast, they use a railway track to walk into Hungary, and some use the opportunity to rest a few hours in the official camps. The Afghan, Pakistani and Kurds for example are afraid of being registered because this might lead to deportation later. So a lot of them still stay in the Jungle and cross borders with the help of people smugglers.
On my way back to Germany I saw a lot of migrants I met in Serbia at the Keleti station in Budapest. They got stuck because the station was closed for them. There were demonstrations going on. You could here “Angela!” and “Germany!” choruses. Since our last ecounter only a few days earlier the mood of the migrants I met before had changed a lot. In Serbia a lot of them were very optimistic. But having spent some days in the Hungarian border camp – some of them even without food – and being stuck in Budapest has washed away their optimism.


I am very happy that my work is selected for the FOTODOKS Festival in Munich in October. This year´s partner region is Ex-Yugoslavia and we are going to explore the theme “Past is Now”.
“In any today the yesterday remains perceptible – as a role model or formative influence, as a vague memory, a repetition or redefinition of something that has already been there before. In dialogue with the partner region Ex-Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia) FotoDoks 2015 examines the status quo and the potential of the yesterday within the present. The documentary positions of this year’s exhibition find various ways to explore the theme “Past is Now”: they work with existing archives or create new ones; they go on a search for historical traces and reflect upon cultural stereotypes and musical myths; they look back on 25 years of German reunification and 20 years since the Dayton-Peace-Agreement, which had ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They question the promise of Europe and, as always with FotoDoks, the works reconsider the role of documentary photography and the media – and are not afraid to extend their documentary sensors to the areas of video and painting and put contemporary trends like the term “post-documentary” up for discussion.” FOTODOKS


The last month I spent photographing for JUGEND HILFT! It is a german organization which is supporting social projects realized by children and teenagers. We visited 10 projects which were selected for the Jugend Hilft! Camp 2015 in September in Berlin. We met teenagers giving german lessons to refugees, organizing soccercups and other charities and helping them in daily life. There were projects like a circus for marginalized children, teenagers who are preparing breakfast for young pupils so that nobody has to start the day without having eaten, young pupils selling chips and pencils to support scholls in Brazil, Tansania and Belarus. Once again I was very impressed by the projects and the children´s and teenager´s commitment. I think we can all learn a lot from them.

Le Monde Diplomatique

The Croatian issue of Le Monde Diplomatique featured my series “here is every thing as 22 stars :-)” in their May issue together with beautiful illustrations by the very talented Petja Dimitrova.

ISSP International Masterclass

I am happy to be selected for the ISSP International Masterclass with Yuri Kozyrev and Andrei Polikanov. For one year we will work on projects “Beyond Photojournalism”. Looking forward to the year ahead!